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7 hybrid events trends for 2022 and beyond

Are you ready for 2022? We strongly think that 2022 will be the year of innovation. The events business has seen a significant transformation in recent years, shaping and changing.

Sergiu Biris

January 20, 2022

7 hybrid events trends for 2022 and beyond

Long story short, the year 2020 was the year of virtual events, and the year 2021 was the year of hybrid events. So, what can we expect in 2022?

Hybrid events have acquired a lot of interest since 2021. According to a study, even if things normalize and open up again, 71% of event organizers want to keep certain virtual components. As a result, hybrid occurrences will become more common in 2022.

Here are our seven predictions for what will happen in 2022 and beyond, according to our crystal ball:

1. Focus on multiple micro-events instead of annual huge ones

Micro events are for sure a rising trend. Rather than a single large event, we’ll witness a series of smaller ones.

Companies may more easily arrange events on the scale they want using hybrid event platforms. In 2022, this will result in more targeted micro-events dispersed over the calendar.

The good news is that micro-events are easier to program and host, especially when you use the right platform.

2. Hybrid events that allow scaling

Imagine that you can view a theatre play from London, and you live somewhere in the other part of Europe- this could 100% be normality. We imagine that this year, theatres/ opera houses/ churches/ standup comedians/ local bands/ coaches/ educators/ specialists on o specific theme, around Europe can stream hybrid.

Using the hybrid solution, you can make that certain event available for more than a bunch of people.

Also, because they rely on membership payments, which are in turn reliant on member involvement, associations are beginning to develop year-round interactions.

They’re putting this strategy into reality by constructing “showrooms” where members may connect with one another.

Examples of domains/ events that can be hybrid:

  • Hybrid Recruitment Interviews (with a global pool of candidates and also respecting the social distance protocol)
  • Hybrid University Open Days (open colleges to a much larger audience, and also academic events/ conferences can go global)
  • Event for remote workforces
  • Trade fairs can have a larger audience, increasing the leads
  • Concerts
  • Theatres and cultural events

3. Incorporate meaningful networking/ interaction

Human connection was hard to replicate in 2020 and 2021. But for example, a corporate meeting might be less about the status of a company and more about personal connection.

This tendency will very certainly continue till 2022. People want important, transforming experiences that will give them a sense of purpose and belonging.

You can also organise fun events in your company to build human interaction such as Secret Santa, Company gatherings, Teambuilding, etc.

4. Choosing a professional all-in-one platform

Hybrid and virtual events are here to stay. So, even if you are a non-technical person, as an event organiser you should learn to host this type of event.  

You can live stream directly from the browser with our Live Backstage Studio and create the event’s branded landing page, include tickets and registration, sponsors experience and also encourage the attendee engagement- all using just one platform.

5. Hybrid events will target people at multiple points in the sales funnel and become a part of the general strategy

Previously, events were viewed as an income source and were managed as such. They’re now considered public relations efforts as well.

Companies will offer up virtual and hybrid events to many participants rather than targeting a few people with restricted events. This will reach customers at various stages of the sales funnel.

6. Data Collection and privacy are important

Keeping personal information secret is still a hot problem across businesses, especially when it comes to ensuring the security of attendee data (name, email address, etc.).

As virtual events become more popular, the quantity of data that event planners and platforms may collect and keep grows exponentially. However, along with data collecting, participants have increased expectations for the security of their personal information.

7. AR/ VR Adaptation

Going hybrid has also resulted in some fantastic event technology advances. One of them is augmented reality. Hybrid event organizers are implementing it into their signs, advertising, and gamification, as it has been used in other industries.

Expect to see more AR integration at events in the coming months as AR becomes more powerful and wearables become more available.

The future of connecting people in the metaverse using platforms opens new layers on how people can connect and engage around the world.


Finally, event planning will undoubtedly evolve in the coming months. This is due to the fact that the event business has had a very exciting few years.

Many companies want to throw a hybrid event in order to have the best of both worlds. This will lead to innovation, a shift in hybrid event patterns, and other new developments.

And remember, we are here to help you fulfil all of them! 🙂 Do you want to be our partner? Request a demo!

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