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Create & Host a Virtual / Hybrid Event Under Your Own Brand, With Eventmix

As far as the industry goes, we’ve noticed that what was missing was an intuitive, end-to-end tool that can help you host whitelabel virtual / hybrid events even if you don’t have a technical background.

Sergiu Biris

July 24, 2021

Create & Host a Virtual / Hybrid Event Under Your Own Brand, With Eventmix

But because it so happens that we do have a technical background, we’ve created a product that helps you take ownership of your digital event through a friendly editor. In this context piece you’ll learn just how easy it is (and it should have been all this time!) to manage all the aspects of a digital event without needing your own dedicated and Pentagon-trained team of technical assistants.

First off, you’ll create the event. Just as you do on LinkedIn or Facebook, if you will – with a few details that will help you get started. You’ll notice that you’ve got a name, a unique event ID, a timezone, a start and an end date, as well as the currency you’d prefer to be charged in or, as we call it scientifically, the basic stuff.

Once the event is set up, you’ll have your own Landing Page, fully custom with your own branding.

Create a new event - Eventmix Setup

Before you start asking yourself questions, we’ve got a super transparent pricing policy that you can check out here to see whether we’re a good fit for you before going through the whole tutorial.

Our events are free to host up to 25 participants, and we pride ourselves with our very simple pricing policy. It’s not an industry-wide practice (yet), but we sure hope it will become so.

Back to event creating, step by step. Consider the part above Step 0. Suppose you’ve clicked on create event, we’ll now show you how to do it yourself A to Z.

  • Take a Look at the Dashboard Overview

We know you don’t get scared easily, but we insist on making things super easy either way. Once you’ve entered your account and created your first event, this is the panel that you’ll see.

It’s straightforward, feature rich but intuitive and, most importantly, it looks like an editor where you can control every aspect of your event.

Note: If you’ve completed this step and find it all to be way too easy to be true, you can jump directly to Step 4.

  • Proceed to Complete your Speakers, Stages, Videos and Schedule

Every category has a tutorial, so you can choose to go through a product walkthrough in video format. This step is all about getting the event agenda right. Everything you fill in is automatically updated in real time.

Speakers - Eventmix Setup

Once you’ve clicked on adding a new speaker, you can now complete your speakers’ profiles, one by one. Here’s where you will add all their personal details, such as name, position, organization, bio, social media links and everything nice.

Add New Speaker - Eventmix Setup
Speakers Demo - Eventmix Setup
*The photos for this setup example are taken from a demo conference, which you can find here

After you’ve done this with all of your speakers, it’s time to move to Stages. Should you host a larger event that accommodates more attendees and requires a compartmentalization of different stages, we offer you the possibility to do so.

Stages - Eventmix Setup

Once you’ve created the stages and completed the speakers’ profiles, it’s time to move on to the event schedule.

Here, you’ll be able to create a calendar depending on what you’ve completed in the steps above. It goes without saying that you can also create your calendar if you’re hosting a smaller event with only one stage.

In this step, you’ll complete a form representing different Event Sessions that will take place & that will populate your event calendar.

Schedule - Eventmix Setup

As you see above, one you enter the Schedule module, you’ll have a New Session button on the top right of your screen. There, you’ll be able to add sessions and choose a session as being live streaming or pre-recorded, depending on your need. If your session is pre-recorded, we’ve also got a Video Panel where you can upload any presentation videos you may require.

You can also create stage categories if you’re interested in that, and you have the possibility to make the speaker the session host.

Stages Demo - Eventmix Setup
  • Set Up Tickets, Sponsors and Networking

If your event is paid, you can set up your ticket types, along with promo codes, registration forms and add-ons.

Tickets - Eventmix Setup
Tickets Demo - Eventmix Setup

Moving on to sponsors, you can display yours with a logo, category name, website. You can also create Presentation Booths where they can display a digital exhibit.

Sponsors - Eventmix Setup

Moving on to one of our coolest features that we find so necessary in digital settings, we’ve got a Networking functionality where you can set up tables and allow people to take a seat and have some quality time among their peers.

This feature recreates a paramount component of live events – the ability to form meaningful connections and to expand networking circles.

Networking - Eventmix Setup

And you’re done with the basic setting of your event!

  • Theme & Customization

We promised to deliver an end-to-end customizable event, so here we are. You get to decide what your digital event looks like. From colors to fonts, your Landing Page theme, interface language, to the page design itself, everything is in your own hands to personalize.

Pretty neat, huh?

Theme Personalization - Eventmix Setup
Landing Page Preview - Eventmix Setup

You can even venture to create your own Landing Page instead of just moving on with the template, and your editor will look like this:

Landing Page Sections - Eventmix Setup

Additionally, you have the option to set up a Domain of your own – a new or an existing one.

Domains - Eventmix Setup

In the Advanced Settings section you’ll find a toggle allowing you to display or to hide the total number of participants watching your live event.

This is the section where you’ll also find Q&A and Chatting settings, which you can manually set up depending on your event specifics.

  • Go to the Attendees Page & Watch This Page Being Populated

If you’ve already created the event and made it public, it’s time to take care of your attendees. This is where you can manage your guest lists to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Attendees - Eventmix Setup

Instead of Conclusion

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve got two more facts to share with you:

  1. How hard can a product be if an entire product walkthrough was made in a little over 1000 words?
  2. While we do care about Eventmix being intuitive, you also get to have full ownership of your data. It’s not just easy to use, it’s completely safe and privacy-friendly. Hosting an event? You can request a demo or sign up for free & test Eventmix yourself.
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We built Eventmix to make it easier for anyone to run interactive virtual & hybrid events under their own brand.

We are a completely remote company and our team is  present across Ireland, USA and Romania.

Eventmix is hosted in Europe on Google Cloud servers.

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