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What Best in Class Digital Event Solutions Should Offer (But Don’t)

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re in charge of organizing different types of events. One thing you may have heard since the digitalization of this industry is that there’s no perfect solution to encompass all your needs.

Sergiu Biris

July 28, 2021

What Best in Class Digital Event Solutions Should Offer (But Don’t)

We’d like to challenge this idea, and to help you get rid of unnecessary compromises that could negatively impact the quality of your event, which is why we’ve created a checklist of what the best in class digital event solutions should offer (but don’t).

Friendly User Experience

Event solutions are supposed to be a transparent layer of tech empowering event organizers to create meaningful experiences, without creating an extra technical burden to the process.

Now, user experience should be divided into two, depending on the end users:

  1. Your experience as a planner looking for the easiest option out there, and
  2. The experience of your event attendees.

We’ll be looking into both.

An all-in-one platform helps you gather all the aspects of your virtual or hybrid event into one place, without having to worry about different providers or technical integrations.  

From the organizers’ point of view, UX is about the ease of using the event creation tool. This covers a lot of areas (or at least it should).

A good platform should give you the options to generate a landing page, to cover tickets and to track attendees, to facilitate simple video streaming options, to have access to sponsor experience, and to customize every aspect of your event website.

Ownership over your event’s Landing Page is crucial, as this is the first contact between your end users and the event itself – you want it to be clear, persuasive, branded and to have all the functionalities that you need.

But perhaps most importantly, you shouldn’t need a technical team of questionably hair-styled scientists to help you out with the setup. An easy digital event solution tool will work as an editor where you can fill out different coordinates of your event, customize the branding and generate the one-page website in minutes. We don’t have to tell you that planning requires coordination between different entities and it is awfully time consuming.

We’ve come to a point where good digital event solutions should be able to anticipate your needs and offer an easy to follow interface.

A simple way to decide whether a company will offer you a fair service is by looking at the pricing policy. If you’ve got a transparent way of understanding the pricing from the first contact with the tool, you’ve got your provider!

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From the attendees’ points of view, UX means taking part in a conference that resembles the real world as much as possible.

There should be no compromise here either. One feature that you should make sure that your tool offers is virtual networking. For instance, with Eventmix you can set up digital tables, allocate seats and make sure that your attendees get the most out of their experience.

We couldn’t stress this enough. By nature, digital events are less dynamic and personal, which is why this feature is a relevant component allowing you to bring quality socialization back.

It’s not a good user experience if you don’t get ownership of your users’ personal data – the event tool you decide to go with should make sure that attending your conference doesn’t require creating an account. This step is usually where service providers store your users’ data for different purposes.

What best in class digital event solutions should offer is user attendance without strings attached – transparent and fair. This doesn’t just impact their overall experience, but also the image of the brand you’re representing. The more careful you are, the more credible your brand is.

Whitelabel Branding Options

This one’s simple. Make sure you have your own branding options. If you want your event to look clean and professional, you simply have to take this one into consideration.

Most of the cases, the very reason you’re carrying out a virtual event is to strengthen your brand’s position on the market. It’s pretty hard to create buzz and awareness without the proper visual brand associations. You should be able to customize different elements ranging from themes, fonts, colors and any other whitelabel features.

Feature Diversity

Just because a certain event takes place digitally, this shouldn’t mean that the entire experience is just a boring monolog on a screen. Whatever the solution you’re choosing, it will reflect your brand’s priorities.

The fact that a tool is easy to use and perfectly intuitive for a non-technical person shouldn’t mean that your event should look any less professional.

Make sure to create a trial account and get a good feel of the product. A quick walkthrough should be enough for you to understand the feature complexity and how well a solution fits your needs.

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  • When creating events, user experience refers both to you and your end users, so you should pay attention to the overall solution quality.
  • Branding options should be non-negotiable, as they are a direct liaison between your event and the brand you’re organizing it for.
  • Feature diversity is important, but networking spaces are mandatory for a quality experience.
  • Pay attention to the pricing policy – the more transparent and obvious it is, the more trustworthy the tool will be.
  • Don’t forget about personal data – data ownership is increasingly relevant, and it’s your prerogative to make sure your attendees are getting a fair treatment.
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