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Data Ownership for Virtual Events With A Feature Rich Event Solution

From the start, we should clarify one thing: it’s not an either/or. Whether you’re planning the next international medical conference or an internal corporate event for thousands, the ownership of your data should be non-negotiable. There are very few aspects towards which we feel this strongly when it comes to data ownership for virtual events, but this is definitely one of them.

Sergiu Biris

June 18, 2021

Data Ownership for Virtual Events With A Feature Rich Event Solution

Why Bother with Data Ownership for Virtual Events?

In the Age of Analytics, having control of your data is a crucial part of owning the cornerstone of your organization, and here’s why:

  • It ensures safety & compliance by creating a climate of trust and ethical transparency within your organization
  • It protects you & your organization from breaches and leaks of any kind
  • It instills responsibility to a process that’s often a black box in terms of security processes.
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So you see why it was THAT important to us at Eventmix to create an environment where data remains 100% within the bounds of your organization. It is one of our most important guiding principles and it allows us to provide a high quality service outside any gray areas that may leave your organization liable.

The development of comprehensive legal principles involving data governance such as GDPR and CCPA has helped in raising the standard and fostering a better digital environment. However, we feel that it is the responsibility of every service provider to create solutions that not only comply, but are developed with a set of safety principles in mind.

But what does it mean?

Most service providers in this industry ask event attendees to create accounts. Through this, the users’ personal data is shared with the service provider.

We never ask users to create accounts to participate in events, and we don’t hold their data.

Why Feature Rich?

It’s not only a question we’re answering to you. Every good product starts with a pressing need that you don’t find solved around you, and this was the case.

We’ve created Eventmix to help professionals across industries, like you and us, to generate their own Event Landing Pages within minutes. It is our goal to help you make the most of your digital/hybrid event.

So we’ve designed a product that empowers you to take control of every aspect associated with being an organizer. From the admin interface, our platform looks like an intuitive editor where you can set up all the details (here’s a how to) to administer billing, attendees, ticketing and your own analytics.

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Because we’re entrepreneurs at heart, what motivated us to create the simplest and most intuitive solution there is from an event creator’s point of view was the overly complicated market.

We felt that most of the solutions out there are either designed exclusively for technical people, or don’t offer the mix of multiple functionalities that also encourages data ownership. So we stepped in.

When WordPress appeared, it was insane. An entire generation of people had been given access to owning and managing their own website. And it changed the Internet.

After a worldwide confusing 2020, we think that it’s time for the event industry to take matters in its own hands and to control every part of event hosting without requiring a great deal of technical knowledge.  

And it is as simple as that.

Create Event Overview

One of the reasons why this global situation affected us this strongly is that we lacked the infrastructure to facilitate a social change of such proportions. We believe that the following wave of change will be once we can come ‘back to normal’, when digital and hybrid events will still be a thing because of their power to bring people together.

It took us an extreme event to realize that using digital tools to their upper extent helps us stay more connected. Digital transformation was amplified beyond our comprehension. And it isn’t just about corporations deciding to keep WFH as a standard practice because it works. It’s also about finally eradicating geographic barriers.

‘Back to normal’ will mean, in many cases, harnessing the power of digital, which makes it increasingly important for professionals to create digital and hybrid events in a matter of minutes.  

Take It For a Spin!

Since events with 25 or fewer attendees are free to host, you can go ahead and play! Try Eventmix for free.

Have any specific questions? Drop us a line here.

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